C - Litter  :    * 12.10.2009     Pedigree

All puppies have found a new home.


Belenos Ohren im Wind   HD-B1                                                Astrild's Ohren im Wind   HD-A2

Nossis passion  :  Mantrail                                                                                                               Astrilds passion  :  Agility  

Both Parents :  GPRA-cord 1 clear, Gonioskopie clear, Fucosidose free, Eyes free


Puppies - Individual photos


* * *   Diary   * * *

09.01.2010   Cuchulainn has found his Prince-place :-D

03.01.2010   Cuchulainn

20.12.2009   Cernunnos and "Carlotta" are now moved to their new families. We wish you much fun!

17.12.2009   Playing and romping at our dog school


11.12.2009   How time flies! Today Cusith "Capper" is moved to his new family to Bonn  :o)

05.12.2009   Cuchulainn is still looking for a new home

02.12.2009   Family trip in the forest

01.12.2009   Necklace-training

Daddy is playing with his boys.


25.11.2009   Cuchulainn and his aunt Annikki

21.11.2009   Cusith and the bone

20.11.2009   There is so much to discover in the garden

18.11.2009   Aunt Annikki loves cuddling for hours

16.11.2009   Playing and having fun

11.11.2009   team spirit

08.11.2009   Crerwy Calatin

07.11.2009   Of the life of our elfin and her three musketeers

04.11.2009   The Princesses Throne

26.10.2009   Mmmmmmm

25.10.2009   Howdy

24.10.2009   Yippee! They walk! All Puppies at once  :-D   the first open eyes  :o)


18.10.2009   You better sit down now and hold your tummy before you break into a fit of laughter!!!
Calatin was a legendary Irish magician. It seems he was up to some mischief, travelled through time and created some confusion!
Last night, my husband asked me how I make out which ones of the puppies are girls and which ones boys. Hmmmmm, that’s how it all started!
Today then it so happened that little Calatin was snoozing on his side, and while I was studying I started to wonder where on earth his little willy had gone???
Consequently, I thoroughly checked everything over again: HE is a SHE!!!
Astrild gave birth during nighttime, and it was after 07:00 by the time the last puppy was born. She ate, and we were all worn out and dropped into bed. At noon I woke up to puppy squeaking, so I help and moved all of them – 1, 2, 3, 4, and another one! Hey!!! Stop!!! Wake up!!! A fifth one?!? a relatively wet one - to the milk bar. What a surprise! I was absolutely certain to hold a little boy in my hands. Maybe I just “dreamed” it, as we always seem to have little boys? I must not have been quite awake yet, and whenever I checked he/she must have hidden from me!!!
* Many thanks dear Monika for the translation of this story! *

16.10.2009    Daddy Belenos is bursting with curiosity, he would like to have a look even closer at his little boys  :o)


15.10.2009   Teamwork, it happens again   :o)   Astrild gets help from Annikki and Brixia

     Annikki does the "underbody" wash  ;o)                            Brixias application for an employment as babysitter


15.10.2009   A hard moment! Tonight Cassi Bodu died totally unexpected.

14.10.2009   The exciting day work of our babies :  drink, having big round bellies, sleeping, growing, and then everything starts all over again  :o)


the daddies  ;o)


12.10.2009   The Puppies are born :   4 Male and 1 Female   ;o)

10.10.2009   Heaven!!! Waiting is so nice :-(  and Astrild loves doing this ON my Pillow in front of the whelping box! We still have to talk about that!


07.10.2009   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Scharch Zzzzzzzzzzzz !!!
The whelping box is back to its old place in the living room and was comfortably padded by our bitches :-D
The cushions however belongs in the dog beds!!! - Talk pointless, the girls see it that way ;-)

25.09.2009   Nossi and Astrild the expectant parents :  "Where the hell we built up the whelping box?"  ;o)

18.09.2009   Today Astrild has an ultrasound and we were allowed to see her lovely babies   :o)

08.-10.08.2009   Astrild and Nossi enjoyed their honeymoon ;-) we hope for puppies for 10.10.2009

27.07.2009   Astrild is in season

Yeha!!!  I too!!!

* * *