Pedigree B-Wurf


Ahnentafel :     B...'s Ohren im Wind

Old Shatterhand

    vom Springer-Clan (HD-A)


Trollängens Smile is in the Air (HD-B) Barecho In The Air (HD-B) Goldmoore´s Good As Gold Inu-Goya Custom Cruiser
Ruel´s Eldiga Eivor
Barecho Pretty Picture Rowntree Legal Alliance
Nobhill Scarlet O´Hara
Trollängens New Tricks (HD-A) Trollängens Rebel Rouser Inu-Goya Jazzman
Whisborne Spot On
Trollängens Ann Of Green Gable Spring Creek´s Extra Dry
Trollängens Contessa
Indian Spirit vom Springer-Clan (HD-B) Beautelle Razzle Dazzle (HD-A) Penita Bobby Dazzler Chuan Chablais at Lyndora
Penita Aim for the Stars
Beautelle Desert Queen Drumhill Desert Strom
Penita Aim for the Stars
Beautelle Mistic Star (HD-B) Chuan Chablais at Lyndora Chuan Chivas Regal
Lydora Golden Sovreign of Chuan
Penita Out of the Mist Fairsky Southend on Sea
Penita Aim for the Stars
Annikki's Ohren im Wind (HD-B2)


Bogaloo´s Resurrection (HD-A1) Bogaloo's Nostradamus (HD-A) Melverly Mystery Maker (HD-A) Clanach Crown Destiny
Melvrly Mystery Girl (HD -)
Bogaloo's Catch the Wind (HD-A) Hammersmith's Dedicated to Bogaloo (HD-A)
Bogaloo's Days of Thunder (HD-B)
Stardom Show Stopper (HD-A) Mompesson Prince Charming (HD-B) Mompesson Blinking Hell
Mompesson Duty Free
Stardom Ask me Why (HD-A) Inu-Goya Salutation (HD-A)
Cleavehill Witchcraft (HD-A)
Cecilia vom Springer-Clan (HD-B2) One Look's Distinct Feeling (HD-A) Mistily's Mark Of Distinction (HD-A) Mistily's Wizard From Oz (HD-A)
Fondante's Very Superstitious(HD-A)
Rowntree Call Me Madam (HD-A) Nobhill Brightest Chance (HD-A)
Rowntree Eastern Parade (HD-A)
One Look's Extravaganza (HD-A) Tailwind's Elliot (HD-A) Rowntree Sense Of Taste (HD-A)
Rowntree Nostalgic Girl (HD-A)
Tailwind's Lady Be Good (HD-A) Mistily`s Wizard From Oz (HD-A)
Tailwind's Twisted Sister (HD-A)