Pedigree A-Wurf


 Ahnentafel :     A...´s Ohren im Wind

Bogaloo´s Resurrection (HD-A1)


Bogaloo's Nostradamus (HD-A) Melverly Mystery Maker (HD-A) Clanach Crown Destiny Clanach Union Jack
Clanach Crown N Scepter
Melvrly Mystery Girl (HD -) Chuan Chablais at Lyndora
Melverly Lois Lane
Bogaloo's Catch the Wind (HD-A) Hammersmith's Dedicated to Bogaloo (HD-A) Cambrian's Hold on I'm coming
Cambrian's A'n't Jus W'is'I'n Dixie
Bogaloo's Days of Thunder (HD-B) Lelica's Into the Light
Steinblumes Mache es Dafne
Stardom Show Stopper (HD-A) Mompesson Prince Charming (HD-B) Mompesson Blinking Hell Mompesson Flash Back from Amichien
Mompesson Cher-Delight
Mompesson Duty Free Mompesson Dream Chaser
Gleadsbury Just so of Mompesson
Stardom Ask me Why (HD-A) Inu-Goya Salutation (HD-A) Mompesson Royal Exclusive
Inu-Goya Lady Sings the Blues
Cleavehill Witchcraft (HD-A) Cleavehill Sleigh Ride
Cleavehill Bewitched
Cecilia vom Springer-Clan (HD-B2)


One Look's Distinct Feeling (HD-A) Mistily's Mark Of Distinction (HD-A) Mistily's Wizard From Oz (HD-A) Whisborne Devil In Disguise
Beeline Gilly's Bittersweet
Fondante's Very Superstitious(HD-A) Mompesson Super Match
Mompesson Foolow Folly
Rowntree Call Me Madam (HD-A) Nobhill Brightest Chance (HD-A) Adamant's Chance
Rowntree Eastern Parade (HD-A) Inu-Goya Country Squire
Rowntree China Girl
One Look's Extravaganza (HD-A) Tailwind's Elliot (HD-A) Rowntree Sense Of Taste (HD-A) Adamant's Gengis Khan
Rowntree Forbidden Fruit
Rowntree Nostalgic Girl (HD-A) Sieger's Midnight Special
Rowntree Dry Ginger
Tailwind's Lady Be Good (HD-A) Mistily`s Wizard From Oz (HD-A) Whisborne Devil In Disguise
Beeline Gilly's Bittersweet
Tailwind's Twisted Sister (HD-A) Orrlyran's Hunter
Tailwind's Upside -Down